Intentionality an essay in the philosophy of mind

However, if we take such ambitions to be the whole story, we are apt to overlook the theory of mind that Reid develops and deploys against the theory of ideas. Reid’s philosophy of mind is sophisticated and strikingly contemporary, and has, until recently, been lost in the shadow of his other philosophical accomplishments. Essay The Philosophy Of Mind Is The Problem Of Other Minds philosophy of mind is how people come to understand one another and engage in social cognition. Gallagher, Varga, Fuchs, and De Jaegher all attempt to address this question by embracing a conception of sociality that holds that people come to understand each other and engage in collective meaning-making through robust second-person interactions. Intentionality is taken to be the crucial mental phenomenon, and its analysis involves wide-ranging discussions of perception, action, causation, meaning, and reference. In all these areas John Searle has original and stimulating views. He ends with a resolution of the 'mind-body' problem.

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